HP Labs looks to accommodate a growing consumer concern: Sensor Privacy 

By Simon Firth, HP Labs Correspondent 
Published: January 08, 2018 

In an era when laptops take pictures, phones track your movements, and digital assistants listen for instructions at home, people are increasingly worried about the sensors they are letting into their lives. 

“If you see how many users are doing things like putting tape over the cameras on their laptops, that suggests there's something we can do to help them feel more comfortable,” says Mary Baker, a senior researcher in HP’s Immersive Experiences Lab. 

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HP reveals new POS system with even more customizable options

HP has just announced its newest POS system is now available in white, allowing business owners to stay on trend with the newest technology in style. Check out the press release below or contact Netcom Business Solutions today to find out more. 

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 Choosing the Best Computer(s) for Your Business

 If you’re in the market for one or more computer systems for your business, you must first determine what options are currently on the market and understand the differences of each. 

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5 Steps to Take When Searching for an IT Company 

Running a business is hard enough as it is, now you’re responsible for choosing an IT company. You know this is not a decision you want to make lightly, and without the hardware, security and maintenance of an efficient technology system your business can’t operate properly. 

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Data Size Matters 

In today's digital world, data size matters and should always be considered when making a technology purchase. Check out this awesome inforgraphic from UC Berkley's Scool of Information that breaks down the different data sizes and gives some great examples of what kind of storage each provides. 

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Chromebooks for Business 

Check out this new video from Lenovo that tells you some of the benefits of using Chromebook for your business or organzation. As a certified reseller and DPI Chromebook contract holder, Netcom Business Solutions, has years of experience dealing with Chromebook purchasing and IT solutions. If your interested in finding out more about how Chromebooks may be the low-cost solution for your business, contact Netcom today!

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PC's versus Workstations -- How to Choose 

 It’s a classic question that many IT organizations will face at one time or another: Do we need workstations, or will PCs do? The short answer is that it depends on user needs and the work users must accomplish on a daily basis—and the value the organization places on productivity, cost-efficiency, and speed.

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